Frequently asked questions

Are signatures obtained via Signsquid legally valid?

Documents signed through Signsquid are 100% legally valid. Under the law, a signature is a marking unique to the signatory that serves as proof he or she is the person who has approved a document’s contents. Signsquid uses a secret link and a unique code to guarantee your signatories—and no one else—can sign your document. For more information check our legality section.

How are the unique code sent to the signatories ?

You can simply call your signatories to give them their unique code or let Signsquid send it by SMS. To ensure the legality of the electronic signature, the unique code needs to be communicated through a separate channel than the one used to send the unique access link.

Do signatories need an account to sign a document ?

No. You do not need a Signsquid account to sign a document, but you will need one to share a document to be signed. This means it is 100% free for your signatories to sign your documents.

What happens to my documents at the end of the free trial if I don’t sign up ?

The free trial period does not limit your usage in any way. During the trial period, you have the same access to Signsquid as a paid subscriber. All documents sent during the trial period are yours to keep and are available to be signed by all signatories as per the Signsquid signature process. Once all your signatories have signed, you will receive a valid, legally signed document. However, you will have to sign up if you want to create any new documents once the trial period has ended.

For how long are the documents stored ?

All signed documents are stored on our secure servers for three years to ensure their integrity. If you would like us to hold on to your documents for a while longer, simply drop us a line.

Once Signsquid signatures have been applied to a document, it will be impossible to modify that document in any way. Signsquid will send you seal of authenticity that allows you to verify the integrity of your documents while they are stored on our servers.

Should Signsquid close up shop, our documents will be sent to and kept by our lawyers, Saraïlis Avocats, for the remainder of the three years to which you are entitled. This will ensure that your documents are safely stored and accessible as necessary.

Isn’t it better to fax or scan documents ?

To fax a document, you have to print it, sign it by hand, and send it. Signing with Signsquid is way faster than using outdated technology from the 80s! Once a document has been faxed, how do you know it’s been signed by the right person and not just someone who stumbled upon it? With Signsquid, you can forget about printing your documents—simply hold on to your legal PDF copy.

Receiving a fax, signing the document, and sending it back is a long, drawn-out process, and scanning is hardly better. Signsquid is an efficient, modern way to sign documents quickly, while ensuring their validity and legality.

What’s more, our identity code system ensures that documents stored on our servers can’t be falsified. Signsquid’s platform provides a reliable, independent method for ensuring the integrity of your documents.

Not only is using Signsquid easier than faxing your documents, it’s faster and more efficient too. It also lets you track the signatures added to your legal documents and ensure they are valid.

How can I be sure it’s really my co-signatory who signs the online document ?

When signatories are invited to sign a document, they receive a secret identity code. However, this code alone is not enough to sign the document. This means that even if the signatory’s inbox has been compromised, a third party will not be able to sign the document. The document creator will receive an identity code that must be shared with the signatory. This process enables the creator to verify the identity of the signatory. The identity code is valid only when combined with the identity link. In other words, the document signatory needs both to sign the document. For more information, take a look at our legality section.

How secure and confidential are my information and my documents?

Signsquid ensures the security and confidentiality of all the data you exchange and store on two levels: one during the communication and the other within the storage.

All the communications and exchange of data with Signsquid are done through an HTTPS protocol, that relies on an SSL certificate used to encrypt all the communications. This communication encryption ensures that the information exchanged cannot be intercepted by anyone. All your communications are secure and confidential.

As for the storage, all your data, including the documents, are encrypted within the database. If the database is ever to be compromised, the contained data is completely unreadable without the encryption certificate.  There is no way to access the data, the documents or even to read the information and your documents and information are securely stored.