So you want to get the best value out of your subscription?

Your free month is almost over and you are ready to choose a plan to facilitate the way you get your clients to sign your documents? Did you know that by signing up annually, not only do you save money, but you get a flexibility you do not get when you sign up monthly?

 As much as we would like to have a ton of contracts coming our way, we know that the size of the contracts is what really matters. What if you signed up for 30 contracts per months and for the month of June, you only use 12 of them because two of them are going to fill up your agenda, and that for the month of September, since everyone is coming back from vacation, there is a boost in your activity and you have to send 51 contracts to be sign electronically?  You just paid for 18 contracts you never had the chance to use and 21 more you had to add to your plan. That is without talking about the ones you might conclude on the 31st or on the 1st depending on whether your client’s children are still sick or not.

 If you had signed up annually for 360 contracts a year, you could have gotten another free month and the chance to plan when you use them while getting the same value out of your service.

Before choosing your plan, you should visit our Plans and pricing page and compare our different plans to find the one that suits you best and start receiving your electronic signatures.

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