Pick up the phone to identificate the document signatories

Signsquid is the only solution that offers a two-factor authentication process: one by email and the other by phone. The goal, of course, being to ensure the legality of every document and contract signed by Signsquid.

If the contract is simply sent by email, the “signature” is legally weak and the act of signing can easily be accomplished by anybody having access to the email inbox. Think of your Gmail or your outlook that is constantly left open and connected without the need to enter the password every time you want to check your emails!

So the comment we often get is the following:

  •  Do I have to call by phone? Can’t I just send it by email?
  • Why is the process more complex than simply sending emails like the other guys?
  • I like the app but the process seems clumsy, why by phone? 

The quick and politically correct answer would be that in order to ensure that the signatory is the person you’re intending to send the document to, you need at least two separate channels of communication : one by email and the other by phone.

The long and more emotional answer is the following: If you’re signing a contract with a client, means you’re starting a new project and relationship right? Shouldn’t this new opportunity and beginning of a relationship deserve at least a phone call? As a new business relationship, isn’t the least of things to be able to talk with each other? Look at it that way: We believe that all good relationships start with a phone call! And important things need to be said in person and not by email!

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