Electronic signature: Signsquid or Echosign?

In the electronic signature world there are many players and we’re often asked how we compare to those players, and why someone would use one service instead of another.  This post is intended to compare Signsquid’s electronic signature with the one offered by Echosign.

Let’s start off by saying that at the stage where the electronic signature is today, all the available services are viewed as contributors towards a paperless world and smarter document management. Although there are a lot of similarities, the current post is focused on highlighting the differences of the platforms. These differences are based on three factors: features, pricing andlegality.


    1. Echosign has been on the market for a while and offers interesting features that Signsquid doesn’t offer. And the reason why we don’t offer these features is quite simple: we’d rather focus and aim for simplicity instead of trying to please each and every specific need a potential user can have.  If bells and whistles are your thing, then you should definitely try out Echosign, they offer plenty. If you’d rather a simple, a non-clumsy and a friendly platform, then you’ll share our vision of electronic signatures.
    2. When it comes to pricing, this is where our service diverges from Echosign’s. Echosign offers multiple pricing plans based on two factors: number of users and features. Basically, the more users within your organisation will use the service and the more features you’ll need, the more expensive will be your plan. In addition, there is no clear mention of how much contracts are included in the packages, but the fine prints mention 50 contracts per month. Our vision is that all customers are created equal and that they should all have the same features weather they pay 5$ per month or 1000$. Our pricing is solely based on the number of documents you use, and for as many users as you wish. That’s it! And if you don’t use the same quantity of contract from one month to another, no problem! We also offer a yearly pricing that will give more flexibility.
    3. In terms of legality, the signing process used by Echosign is based on a single factor: the signatories’ email. Using the email of the signatories, Echosign will send a link allowing whoever has access to the email to sign the contract on behalf of the intended one.  And here is where Signsquid refuses to compromise! We believe that an email address is not sufficient to ensure the authenticity of a signatory, and that is why we’ve introduced the two-factor authentication for any signing. To sign a document, the signatories will need both the email link and the unique code sent by SMS or by phone. This combination of factor will ensure the legality of any signatures obtained by Signsquid and that is why we are the only platform that offers a legal warranty.

If you’re looking for an email approval, rather than use Echosign, you might as well send the email and contract yourself. If you’re looking for true legal signature, then Signsquid can help. Choose wisely!

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