Being interviewed by

We’ve recently been interviewed by the great people from  In addition to the attention it brought to our team and our product, the experience was very comforting and positive. When going through a startup project like Signsquid, the team works hard and we often go through an intensive and compressed personal learning process. The Doeswhat interview, made us take a break, analyse and reflect on the path and evolution of the team, the product and especially on a personal level. 

Doeswhat, has interviewed great accomplished tech Startup CEOs and founders like Phil Libin, founder of Evernote, Chris Wanstrath co-founder of github and Brian Halligan, co-founder ofHubspot to name some. The interviews reveal the specific personal reality of every tech founder going through the project and establish the path for the inspiring tech entrepreneurs.

For all the people from Doeswhat, and especially to Alex Hawke : CHEERS! 

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